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Petition NOT to ban the sale of fireworks to the public

Fireworks bring joy to many people of all ages and it is part of a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Banning fireworks will not only ruin our Guy Fawkes tradition but will also have a massive impact on our multi cultural celebrations to such as diwali.

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Nearly 750,000 people have signed petitions about fireworks in the last three years.

There are now 12 petitions calling for changes to the law. 11 call for greater restrictions on fireworks. The petition with the most signatures calls for a ban on fireworks being sold to and used by the public. There's also a petition against a ban.

The Petitions Committee has scheduled several debates about fireworks in the House of Commons and, because so many people clearly have strong views, has now decided to investigate fireworks law in a new inquiry.

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