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Petition Do not legislate to renew community radio licences after 15 years - readvertise!

At 15 years we think the question must be asked "is this proposal still the best one out there? Could someone else do better?". Currently community radio licences stop at 15 years and have to be fully readvertised. Politicians are discussing allowing further blind renewals, which we think is wrong.

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Originally community radio licences were intended to be awarded for a 5-year term. Parliament then extended this to 10-years, then 15. However these extensions do not ask the question "Is this the best use of the radio spectrum?". 15 years ago most towns/cities had local radio stations, now most are networked shows. Many community stations also have had changed and for some the original cause/reason no longer even exists. 15 years is enough - ask again who is making the best offering locally?

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