This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Repeal the two child limit to Tax Credits and Universal Credit.

It is a glaring injustice. It breaks the link between the assessment of children’s needs and the support they receive.
It will worsen child poverty.
Not all women have control over their reproductive destiny. Compulsory disclosure requirements will re-traumatise rape victims.

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Many women will never disclose rape to anyone. Reasons include trauma, self-protection, shame, and fear for others - including their child. To force them to do so is cruel and risks danger.
There is already evidence that it is influencing decisions on pregnancy termination.
How could it be paid for?
The Government says the two child limit will save just over a £1bn in 2019/20. Since the policy was announced, OBR forecasts for spending on personal tax credits in 2019/20 have reduced by £2.2bn.

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