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Rejected petition EU is a form of rule by dictation, as if Britain lost WW2. Britain should not be coerced to support Germany’s brainchild the euro. Wake up & reform EU

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Britain have already supported the euro when UK willingly to support Eire's financial woes but should not be coerced to support Germany’s brainchild, the euro. We are living in a democracy by rule under consensus, not dictatorship like in the former USSR. A United States of Europe is doomed to failure. EU regulations (like working time directives) dictated by out of touch EU commissioners & EU Parliament imposes (at times hare-brained) obligations for the UK to comply, even if against UK's own self-interests & HMG policies. Judgments (like about human rights, prisoner voting rights) by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) are precedents in UK, even in our highest court in the land (Supreme Court). MEPs & staffing of the administration of the European Parliament are expensive & is a ‘gravy train’, as well as having to subsidise (like agriculture) poorer EU member states.

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