This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Conduct an Independent Public Inquiry into the Windrush Scandal

We call upon the Head of Government to put in place a full public inquiry to determine the injustice and racism caused with an independent panel appointed in which people can have faith in order to determine the truth, who is responsible and who will be held accountable for this gross injustice.

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The scope should include but not be limited to;
Windrush generation & their multi-generational families
Numbers detained/deported
Impact; loss of job /home/destitution Denied access to services, education, training, benefits, impact on mental /physical health,families
How many have died including suicide
How many deported under Operation Nexus
Who was responsible for the whole and elements of the Windrush scandal.
The extent to which it was driven by institutional/direct/indirect racism.

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