This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Rejected petition The government must find funding for the long overdue, essential upgrading of A14 in Cambridgeshire

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The A14 is recognised as one of the country’s most unacceptably congested roads, with minor incidents causing huge delays on an almost daily basis. Larger accidents bring most of Cambridgeshire grinding to a halt. This has gone on for far too long now and investment is needed to make the A14 a road capable of coping with increasing demands and essential additional housing. We ask the government to secure funding for an essential upgrade to the A14, for the good of the county and the UK economy.

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There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

You are more likely to get action on this issue if you sign and share a single petition.

Closed at request of petitioner.

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