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Petition Pay all employed Carers the Living Wage

Caring, in our life time we will all require a need for caring, either for ourselves or for a person close to us. Carers need to work on Person-Centred Care principals via the Care Support Plan.

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Their responsibilities are intimate personal care, washing, dressing, meal preparation, Financial management, Emotional support, Safeguarding, Daily planning, Social inclusion, Wellbeing, respect and dignity in a personalised, dignified manner, respect for property and items within that property. National Living Wage is £7.83 and the Living Wage is £9.00. Pay rates need to reflect the responsibilities, pay Carers the Living Wage.

The Care Industry is hanging by a thread. In 2015, Carers UK found that Family Carers save the UK economy £132 billion a year and that if even a small proportion of Family Carers were unable to carry on caring, the economic effect would be “catastrophic”. We need to attract more people to the caring professional by paying the Living Wage.

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