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Rejected petition Child Benefit should be based on TOTAL household income

Under the current system it is TOTALLY unfair that a family where one person with an income of more than £50,000 a year will not be eligible for full child benefit, whilst another family with both parents working and earning £45,000 each (£90,000 in total) still receive FULL child benefit..

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Family A have an income of £72,000 (Dad earns £60,000, Mum earns £12,000) They receive NO child benefit as Dad’s salary is over £60,000.
Family B have an income of £98,000 (Mum & Dad both earn £49,000) They receive FULL child benefit.
This is preposterous! Family B earn £26,000 more than Family A but still receive FULL Child Benefit.
Child Benefit should be based on TOTAL household income to make it fair for everyone.
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