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Petition Stop squandering taxpayers' money on a 'No Deal Brexit': rule it out

2016 Ref campaign: Leave promised us a deal as good as now. Nobody mentioned No Deal Brexit, except to say it'd be disastrous. Only UKIP had it in GE2017 manifesto, but polled 1.8%. There's no mandate for No Deal Brexit. The Govt would be forcing it on us, so won't. Stop wasting our £.

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Both main parties have admitted 'No Deal Brexit' would likely cause significant disruption, or be deeply damaging for the UK, potentially causing medical shortages, interruption to the food supply & energy outages. Lives could be lost. 'No Deal Brexit' must be ruled out & £ spent on it diverted to public services.

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What's Wrong With The WTO Option?
Feb2016, updated Mar2017

What Would Trading On WTO Terms Mean?

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