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Petition Ban the appalling conditions battery and barn hens are currently kept in.

I rescue ex battery chickens and in doing so I am appalled at the condition they are in on their arrival. No feathers, no muscle, underweight and traumatised. It is heartbreaking. If any other animal were seen in a such a condition, the owners would be prosecuted and banned from keeping animals.

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I belong to a Facebook forum of over 10,000 who have re homed ex battery chickens. We rescue and give a new life to chickens, where they can see sky, feel sun and rain, scratch soil and flap wings. None of which they can do under the appalling intense farming conditions they are kept in. All animals have rights, but not if you are a chicken it seems. They can live productive lives for years but are slaughtered at 18 months, deemed to be no longer financially viable. Please see

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