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Petition Force the supermarkets to provide refill station for all basic groceries.

Most of groceries are bought in single use plastic packaging. It should be possible for everyone to buy all his/her groceries without unnecessary packaging. Supermarkets should provide at least their own brand groceries in dispensers where customers have to bring their own containers to fill them.

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This should include the following: rice/pasta, cereal/ flour, spices/salt, loose tea/coffee, oils, shampoo/conditioner/hand wash, washing liquid, laundry liquid/powder/fabric conditioner.
Plastics are difficult to recycle because there are so many types that have to be separated.
Plastic can be recycled 7-9 times before it is no longer recyclable.
Paper can be recycled 4-6 times. Glass, steel and aluminium lose no quality during recycling and can be recycled endlessly.
According to Defra: less that 50% of UK's waste is recycled.
According to British Plastic Federation: Overall 32% of plastic is recycled and 46% for plastic packaging.
According to British Plastic Federation the waste hierarchy should be as follows: Prevention, Preparing for reuse, Energy recovery, Disposal.

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