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Petition Ban the use of commercial sunbeds and follow the lead of Australia.

Skin cancer rates continue to soar in the UK, melanoma kills 6 people per day. Experts in Australia say that rates have reduced since the ban. It is estimated by 2025 the treatment of skin cancers will cost the NHS £465m a year.The NHS is already overstretched. A ban would indirectly support our NHS

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If melanoma spreads through the body, it is notoriously difficult to treat. The treatments that are used are enormously expensive.The response to the previous petition failed to take into account findings by the World Health Organisation, Australia's model and relied on information which is 10 years out of date. CRUK say "Sunbed tanning is no safer than sun tanning";jsessionid=6F5B14C21F784CC479B1734435518C86?sequence=1

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