This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Keep housing numbers under control in already heavily developed areas

This petition calls on the government to re-design the formula (OAN) used to produce housing quotas so that the cumulative impact of previous high levels of housing growth is into account when assessing where new housing should be built to ensure places like Wokingham Borough retain their identity

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In Wokingham Borough, we know there is a national shortage of housing, particularly affordable housing, and we are willing to continue to provide new homes locally in the Borough, but a further 20 years of building at the current rate of 660 houses a year is unsustainable and the Borough’s housing quota, known as Objectively Assessed Need, is about to rise, requiring 30% more housing on top of that figure. We are losing green space, have huge traffic issues, and struggle with infrastructure.

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