This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition UK must NOT leave EURATOM. HMG & Parliament have no Legal Basis in Referendum.

Brexit Referendum voted: Leave EU. NO hint of Euratom. No HMG publication, no Parliament statement, no ministerial speech said UK could leave Euratom. 1975 Referendum voted REMAIN.
Action required by Government & Parliament:
1. Withdraw Article 50 Letter
2. Hold debate and Referendum on Euratom.

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In 1975 People agreed to REMAIN in the European COMMUNITY (EEC or Common Market & EURATOM= European Atomic Energy Community on nuclear security, energy, medicine). Later, articles changed EEC treaty into Lisbon Treaty creating European UNION. In 2016 People voted LEAVE the EU only - meaning modifications to EEC are illegal. HMG must keep UK a member of Euratom. A legal referendum on EURATOM is required before UK can leave it.
HMG cannot withdraw from Euratom until after People vote to do so.

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