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Petition Trident is the biggest impediment to climate change agreements

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Climate change is an immediate and existential threat. Our system of governance, which is competitive engagement through the nation-state, is inappropriate. Interstate competition is either economic or military. There is a symbiotic relationship between the two. Tackling climate change requires cooperation and this is impossible under the existing framework.

Trident is the ultimate manifestation of the self-interested desire to preserve the nation state over the requirement to co-operate in the face of the mutual global threat of climate change. It provides no military advantage. Its use will lead to the destruction of this nation. However, its construction requires a huge military industrial complex and expanding economy to provide the taxation revenues. This is incompatible with the immediate need to move to a zero carbon economy to save humanity.

This petition demands that decommissioning and abandonment of Trident is integrated into climate change negotiations.

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