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Petition Stop the closure of Welbeck Defence sixth form college

The Government have recently announced the closure of the defence sixth form college in 2021. The college offers A level Education and military education to students that want to enrol in the armed forces as engineering officers.

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There are not enough STEM opportunities for young people in the community cadet forces and CCF. Welbeck offers this and it gives our young people something to aim for when they leave secondary education. It is important that we keep this college open to offer opportunities for the younger generation. The closure will also have a great affect on the recruitment for the armed forces. I urge parliament to have a re-think on there recent announcement.

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Defence Committee letter to Ministry of Defence

You may be interested to know that the Chairman of a group of MPs called the Defence Committee has written to the Government about the proposed closure of Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College.

The letter expresses concern about the announcement and asks questions about why the decision was taken, whether staff and governors of the College were asked about it, the effects it will have and whether it will provide value for money.

The Chairman of the Committee, Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, has asked for answers by 24 April 2019.

Read the letter here:

More about the Committee:

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