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Petition Price cap on flight tickets and holidays during school holidays

Every year thousands of families look forward to a holiday in the sun during school holidays but the airlines and holiday companies know the school term times and hike the prices three times to make it impossible for a working class family to afford even a week’s holiday abroad during the year.

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Everyone with a family of four knows this is a day light robbery. The aviation rules remain the same, the fuel costs remain the same, the Airlines remain the same, the departures & destinations remain the same, the airport taxes remain the same. So why do the prices go up by three times when the kids are on holiday?
I request the UK parliament to put a price cap on this daylight robbery by the airlines and the holiday companies. It’s not fair on the hard working families.

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Government responded

This response was given on 14 May 2019

The Department is sympathetic to families looking forward to a holiday, but flight prices are a matter for airlines. Travel is a competitive market with higher prices during periods of high demand.

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The Government recognises that the cost of holidays is a concern for families and individuals alike, especially those on lower incomes. However, the pricing of flights and holidays is a matter for airlines and travel companies, based on availability and demand.

Air travel and tourism are international markets, with families from the UK and other countries wanting to holiday during peak periods when there is a limited supply of services and accommodation. This means airlines and holiday companies face increased costs at peak times to secure these services against the backdrop of increased demand from the UK and elsewhere. The Government does not therefore consider a price cap to be possible or appropriate in these circumstances.

Travel is a competitive market and a range of operators, destinations and pricing options are available, allowing families to choose what works best for them. In general, a wider range of offers is available to those who book well in advance. Special offers or discounted fares for children are also widely available and as these vary depending on the operator, it is always worth comparing quotes to get the most suitable deal.

The Government recognises that families should be made fully aware of ticket prices before they decide whether to proceed with a booking or choose a particular travel option. The transparency of booking terms and conditions is being reviewed as part of the Aviation 2050 strategy. The proposed Passenger Charter may incorporate any recommendations made to improve the information available.

Department for Transport.