This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make it illegal to change a pets microchip without the existing owners consent

Currently if your dog is stolen and not reported to the database as stolen then if the dog is picked up and scanned then it CAN be changed without the existing owner on the chip being identified. 1 in 50 owners know to report their dog as missing or stolen to the microchip company.

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My dog Leilah was sold her on without my permission. After reporting her as stolen, the company proceeded to tell me that her chip was changed and wouldn’t disclose this information to me. They don’t have the requirement to contact anyone to confirm this is legitimate. I was never notified about the change of the details, how is this right. Previous owners should be contacted to ensure that the change of details is correct and if it isn’t then the details to the party trying to change the chip should be released either to the original owner or the police who can collect the missing or stolen dog accordingly. We need to keep our fur babies traceable !

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