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Petition Intestacy Law (England & Wales) to change to match Intestacy Law in Scotland.

In England & Wales the Crown benefits from any intestacy where there are no surviving descendants of whole or half blood uncles and aunts to a deceased person. In Scotland the instacy law allows for descendants of great-uncles and great-aunts to inherit from an intestate estate in priority to Crown.

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The Goverment Legal Dept, Bona Vacantia Division collects in over £20 million per annum from unclaimed intestate estates or when there are no surviving kin according to England & Wales Intestacy Law. Scottish Intestacy Law is far more generous, allowing more distant blood relatives to claim on an intestacy before the Crown. As time progresses families are getting smaller and the Crown stands to benefit as a result of this. This Law can easily be changed and will benefit thousands of people.

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