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Rejected petition Winter Fuel Allowance Should Be Means Tested

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When Winter Fuel Allowance was introduced in 1997 it cost today’s equivalent of £268 million. By 2004 this had increased more than 8 times to £2.3 billion. The chancellor George Osborne has just announced the payment for winter 2011-12 as £200 for over 60’s and £300 for over 80’s which is a fall on the previous year. However, we need to go further and means test this benefit. I’m sure everyone supports protecting benefits of Pensioners who are among the most vulnerable in society, especially when fuel costs are high, but it does not make sense to award this to all pensioners regardless of their wealth. There are thousands of people receiving this benefit including Sir Richard Branson, Ken Clarke MP, Sir Paul McCartney and many more wealthy public and non public figures. It is right we protect pensioners, but not everyone needs the help.

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