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Petition Partial Solution to the Debt Crisis and a Move in the Right Direction for Banks.

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Allow banks to say "thank you" to the British public for their support and to counterbalance the effects of the debt crisis. We ask you to force UK banks to issue 10% new shares and give them to a new sovereign fund.

A. Because they owe the British people.
B. Banks will complain and say it will hurt their industry, but this should increase the worth of banks by instilling fairness and reversing the feeling of distrust and injustice. Increasing confidence.
C. A board seat made available for each bank and given to an "everyday person", paid for out of the other board members wages.
D. The shares go into a sovereign fund used to ease national problems.
E. Through the internet, the public have an influence on how this fund is used. Overlooked by a board, some of the seats going to ordinary people outside of Government or financial circles to ensure transparency.

An opportunity to adopt a novel approach, regaining the confidence lost in our economic system.

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