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Petition Add Mental Health awareness into the school curriculum for children aged 10+.

If your child was in school with a broken leg, would the school support this disability? Would they work together with you and your child to make ensure they are supported needed? If they were in pain every day, would someone explain what's happening and how to cope with the pain? yes

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Would your child know what a broken leg is?
Now ask yourself would your child know about mental health? Would they be able to see the signs for this?

For so long now people have been scared or embarrassed to talk about this issue. This needs to stop, we need to be talking every day about mental health. Just because it isn’t seen to the blind eye doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The Young, The Middle aged, The elder are all being affected. Let’s start by educating the next generation to stop people from living through a silent pain.


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