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Rejected petition Official Commemoration of the Kurdish Genocide (Anfal)

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This campaign is for Britain to officially recognise this day of genocide against the Kurdish people through a day of commemoration and remember the innocent people whom lost there lives as a result of the Saddam Hussian Regime.

Our Kurdish forefathers were abused and tortured, and due to the Saddam Hussian Era they was subjected to a mass genocide known as the Anfal, at an attempt to 'remove the Kurdish population'.

As professional Kurds, we have the privilege to use our pen as a weapon to promote our rights as human beings, we cannot stay silent and allow the world to forget such acidic crimes against humanity.

They will always hold the highest honor in our eyes and may we pray that those events are never repeated in history again, not only to Kurds but to any human being. May God Bless All Human Beings, of all races and religions.

Britain helped us from the regime & now we want a day of commemoration for the fallen.

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