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Rejected petition Ban jumps in horseracing. Horse physiology suited for galloping.

I love riding horses but not over jumps in a racing scenario. To make horses jump fences in races is in contravention of the physiology of the horse. Furthermore, some fences are structured to make jumping more difficult, increasing the chance of fatal injury. This is not sporting, just cruel.

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The Grand National is taking place later today. Two horses died at the festival yesterday. As we have become better educated and informed as a society, it is time to acknowledge this barbaric event is cruel and unnecessary. The horse has evolved into an animal capable of moving at speed and in herds. The jumps at races cause unnecessary physical stress due to the physiology of the legs and hooves. Instead of just embarking on a good gallop, they are made to jump, sometimes with fatal consequences. It is time to end this barbarity.

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