This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Legalise Cannabis oil for cancer, epilepsy & neurological conditions on the NHS.

This is a campaign for people with debilitating medical conditions not to feel like criminals anymore as the evidence has shown not a single person has died from CBD/THC and helps diasbled people as there is so much medical evidence that CBD/THC helps us relieve the pain.

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Strengthen the rights to the November 1st 2018 law and make it much easier for NHS specialists to prescribe this. Many specialists to this day are reluctant to prescribe it and will benefit those with health conditions lsited above. We are fed up of resorting to the unregulated black illegal market to relieve our conditions which if caught will be criminlised & get convictions which is so unfair. None of us asked to be disabled. Regulate, legalise CBD cannabis oil and make it available on NHS.

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