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Rejected petition END SARS ( Special Anti-Robbery Squad)

‘The End Special Anti-Robbery Squad is an advocacy against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian Police Force’. SARS has taken too many innocent people’s lives. SARS has treated so many people badly! This has to stop #endsars

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Too many innocent civilians, have been killed by SARS. Mistreated by SARS. This has to stop. Just recently Kolade Johnson was shot by SARS police unit, during a raid in Lagos on 31/03/19.The heartbreaking incident occurred outside a Kingstine-Jo outlet in Mangoro, near the international airport in Ikeja, as police opened fired while trying to arrest a suspect.SARS,has taken too many innocent peoples lives, away from their families!This has to stop! Let’s put an END TO SARS! Sign this PLEASE!

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