This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Require all manufacturers to identify plastics used, to aid with recycling.

The UK only recycles one third of plastic food packaging*. People are so confused as to what can and can't go into the household recycling bin, yet it falls them to identify it. There is a defined 1-7 plastic labelling system, it should be mandatory for manufacturer's to use it to support recycling.

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*Only one-third of the plastic food containers used in the UK are collected for recycling, local authority chiefs have revealed.

Analysis by the Local Government Association, based on a survey carried out by Recoup, indicates 525,000 tonnes of plastic pots, tubs and trays are used by households each year.

But only 169,145 tonnes are put out for recycling, meaning that at least two-thirds of plastic food container waste likely gets incinerated or thrown into landfill.

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