This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Act on packaging waste: incentivise a circular economy now.

Global plastic waste will total 12 billion tonnes by 2050, yet 91% isn't recycled. In the UK recycled plastic is often more expensive than new. The Government must lead & incentivise a circular solution now with (1) taxes: on non-recycled packs (2) subsidies: to lower the cost of recycled material.

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Plastic lasts a thousand years. Metal is mined. Glass transportation contributes disproportionately to carbon emissions. There isn't silver bullet to our climate crisis, that’s why the UK must lead to support a circular economy. We can't delay. The Earth won't give us an extension to hit 2030, or 2025 targets. We are sapiens. EarthDayEveryDay for a better planet.

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