This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make catcalling and street harassment a punishable offence.

We all have the right to feeling safe in public spaces. If street harassment is criminalized this could reduce the number of incidents of non-consensual touching and unsolicited sexual attention experienced in public. France, Portugal, and Belgium all have legislation in place, so why don't we?

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Campaigns such as Catcalls of London:
help to highlight the extent of the problem, as does Hollaback!, Stop Street Harassment and Safe and the City to name a few.
Out of 3000 submissions of stories I have received 72% were under 17, 60% were wearing a school uniform, and 100% of the perpetrators were adults males.
France imposed first fine for street harassment last year:
and Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand all have legislation in place.

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