This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make developers sow wildflowers on Brownfield until redevelopment. Help bees!

Bees have taken beating so far in the 2010's, what I propose is a simple, cheap way to help them out.

We should require inactive Brownfield site landowners to sow wildflower seeds on their sites where there is soil available, until development begins.

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There are 6000 acres of Brownfield land in London alone! While not all of this would be suitable for seeds, the Bees will take any help they can get.

There is no expectation of ongoing maintenance by landowners nor any effort required to prepare the site, before they spread the seeds.

Each site would have Perennial Wildflower seed spread on open soil once, with the seed being provided by the Government at no cost to landowners.

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