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Petition Increased Statuory Maternity/paternity pay for all multiple births

Being on a 'slightly above' average wage at the time of having twins, we didnt meet the level of requirement for extra financial help. It was a struggle to provide for two, on the same income that I would be expected to raise one. This got me questioning the equality of maternity pay

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Any money beforehand goes on two lots of baby equipment for their arrival, moses baskets, bouncers, cots, clothes, blankets, double pram, car seats. Then once the babies have been born, baby milk at approx £80 to £100 per month, nappies, food, more clothes etc. The list is endless of things that you have to buy two of, whilst on the maternity allowance you get for one child. I believe parents of multiples are at a disadvantage by this and believe there should be an increased allowance.

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