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Petition Condemn SOPA & PIPA

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The American 'Stop Online Piracy Act' (SOPA) and 'Protect Intellectual Property Act' (PIPA) will both inflict intolerable injustices on the world as a whole, causing mass loss of jobs in many IT and tech-related industries, huge financial losses from missed revenue in both the UK's £100 000 000 000 internet industry and the equivalents of other countries, annihilate the ability to protest effectively using the internet in countries like China and Syria, and potentially irreparably damage the very basis of the internet, the crowning achievement of the 20th century and the greatest tool of the 21st, taking with it vast repositories of knowledge, music, art and science and prematurely ending the greatest renaissance mankind has ever known. We call on the UK government to condemn both SOPA and PIPA immediately, before they are passed to congress for deliberation, and to call on America to take more seriously its’ defining role in the politics and architecture of the internet.

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