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Petition Make phone numbers compulsory and home addresses optional on dog ID tags

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 is an outdated law, requiring the home address of an owner to be engraved on the dog's ID tags, or risk a £5k fine; phone numbers are, however, optional! Microchipping and the wide use and accessibility of mobile phones render this law futile in the following ways:

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-Dog theft is soaring, 1959 dogs were reported stolen in the UK (2018). An address seen on an ID tag could lead to a home being targeted
-Owners addresses are kept on secure databases of microchipping companies that are released to authorised people
-If a dog was to go missing whilst on holiday or walking in a location away from home, a phone number would be the most effective way of reuniting
-The homeless are not considered in this law
Phone numbers on ID tags would be safer and more effective

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