This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Ban the export of UK Recyclable waste to other countries by 2020

The UK often send its waste abroad and as a result it is often left unrecycled. If the UK is going to continue to produce so much plastic waste, we should deal with the solution in the uk rather than leaving it for others to deal with and make sure that it is properly dealt with.

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In the UK we recycle around 45% of our recyclable waste we think that the majority of this waste is recycled, but it is often sent abroad to malaysia and other developing nations. In 2018 china baned the importation of recyclable waste, and other nations are following suit. These countries environments have suffered as a result of our need for plastic and we shouldnt allow this to happen. We should recycle the waste in the UK and encourage companies to reduce their production in the first place.

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