This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Amend The Animal Welfare Licensing Regulations 2018 to cover all dog breeders

The Animal Welfare Licensing of Activities Regulations 2018 (dog breeding) was supposed to raise standards for dog breeders and improve welfare. It is proving impossible to police and many disreputable breeders are claiming to be out of scope so they can continue to breed with no regard to welfare

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Many litters are still being bred with no minimum checks in place. Legislation is being randomly applied depending on the local council area. Dogs and puppies welfare is being compromised. There needs to be a clearer framework for requirements so all are treated in the same way. If all litters needed a licence it would be infinitely easier to enforce and guaranteed that all puppies were being reared to an acceptable standard. Litter bred=needs a licence=greatly improved welfare standards

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