This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Request Funding Into Human Malodour Research

We are requesting funding towards a new research project for human metabolic malodour conditions. These conditions such as : Trimethylaminuria, Extoral halitosis, PATM, Candida which are all becoming more prevelant within the UK populations with as much as 500 people requesting testing per year.

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Theae conditions leave people smelling of awful odours on a consistent basis, which can worsen due to dietary intakes, stress, cardiovascular exercise and is extreamly diffcuilt to control. This is not a matter of hygiene,currently there is no effective treatment for any of the conditions listed above, which leaves sufferers suffering from mental health issues.The diagosis protocol is very difficult to acquire due to the lack of education via GP practices.We are requesting for additional funding

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