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Petition Men Get Eating Disorders Too

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Eating disorders are commonly perceived as illnesses which only affect females, with a strong association to teenage girls, however, in reality they are suffered by anyone, irrespective of age, social background, race, sexuality or gender. Current research indicates that between 10% to 20% of all cases are male, however, due to the stigma and disadvantage male sufferers face, the true figure is likely to be far higher, due to male sufferers often not seeking medical help. Once a sufferer does seek help there is a worrying lack of awareness and education amongst health professionals when dealing with male cases, often leading to misdiagnoses or delayed treatment, which further increases the isolation and risk to the sufferer. We are calling on the government to make essential changes in the provision of individual, specific care on both a policy and service delivery level to eradicate the barriers faced not only at the point of access but throughout treatment and recovery.

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