This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Ban the sale of single use plastics within 500m of any shoreline

An immediate ban (effective 2020) of the sale/ use of any single use plastic within 500m of the shoreline.
Single use plastics are severely harming our coastlines, sea-life & waterways. They're damaging to fish and birds, and threaten our very own existence by contributing to the climate emergency.

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As someone who lives on the coast, and as a sea swimmer I am strongly opposed to the amount of plastic purchased and left on the beach by people, and especially tourists (with seafront establishments and attractions being some of the worst offenders as providers).

By putting a ban on the sale of single use plastics available for people to purchase we're forcing vendors to switch to a more viable, ethical and environmentally friendly alternative, thereby removing the root cause of the problem.

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