This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Amend the Union flag by adding the EU's circle of yellow stars to it.

The UK's integrity is under threat. NI and Scotland might soon leave; even Londependence has been mooted. Our flag is no longer fit for purpose. We need a new symbol of the UK's role in the world that best represents our great country's inclusivity & diversity and of course, our Union with Europe.

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The Union flag is a merger of three flags. It was first adopted in 1707 as a merger of St George's and St Andrew's Crosses. When Ireland joined the Union in 1801, St Patrick's Cross was added. Since 1801, the UK has changed for the better; is now a diverse country with a multitude of nationalities living, working and paying taxes. The Union flag must represent the other important union of which the UK's people have citizenship and changed to proudly represent our central role in the EU.

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