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Petition Raise awareness of Stephens-Johnson Syndrome & Toxic epidermal necrolysis

My son Ollie was a happy and healthy 5 year old enjoying his Sunday. At 6pm he hated the taste of food and had a small rash behind his ear. By 9am he was in an ambulance on the way to hospital. By 2am Monday morning Ollie was fighting for his life and on his way to Bristol intensive care unit.

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It took over 12 hours and numerous doctors for one consultant to walk in and pin point what Ollie was fighting. Many doctors had never ever seen this illness within their career. For to long my son was allowed to suffer undiagnosed and even when diagnosed as no one truly knew the aggressiveness of this disease. A doctor said he learnt about it but was told he would never see it. This illness very nearly took my sons life from him yet most people have no idea about this illness and it’s symptoms

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