This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Immediate moratorium & legislate-ban all development on peat bogs&lowland mires

Peatlands are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth (UK Peatland Strategy 2018-2040) but, despite MPs approving a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency on 1st May 2019, plans are still being submitted for Councils to allow development of roads and buildings on peat mosses

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Despite holding twice as much carbon as the world’s forests, the UK has lost 94% of its lowland peatlands, along with the habitats for rare plants & the breeding & feeding grounds for red listed birds & endangered wildlife. There should be an immediate moratorium, followed by legislation, to prevent any development on peat bogs and mires. They should be preserved & restored to help combat the crisis of climate change. When we dig them up, we release mega tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

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