This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Debate whether the referendum can be honoured without leaving the EU

In the referendum, a majority voted for the only change on offer. But we don’t know how many were primarily giving vent to rage and hostility they feel towards the system as a whole; and the government failed to explore whether less disruptive reforms might satisfy the public’s hunger for change.

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That failure could mean that the decision to leave the EU has not been made with the care and attention our constitution requires, and might therefore be overturned by the courts.

We ask Parliament to debate:
a) how much the 2016 vote reflected people’s dissatisfaction with the broader status quo, rather than genuine concerns over our membership of the EU; and
b) whether fundamental reform of the UK’s domestic political system might more truly honour the will of the people than leaving the EU.

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