This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make it an offence to inhale nitrous oxide (N20) for recreational purposes.

Inhalation of laughing gas for recreational purposes has reached epidemic proportions in the UK. It’s use as a recreational drug is second only to marijuana in the UK. Sales & distribution are currently regulated BUT use for non commercial or medical purposes is not.

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In addition to the medical dangers & social issues caused by N20 use, the litter problem is huge. The volume of canisters & associated balloons left on Brighton beach after the Pride event July 2019 is evidence that use of this drug is out of control. The balloons used to assist with the inhalation can be fatal to animals when mistaken for food. The plastics will eventually degrade & enter the human food chain. The canisters are not only unsightly but are a danger to the public as they corrode.

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