This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Ban the use of virgin plastic packaging on non-food products

A lot of focus to reduce plastic packaging has been put on food products but it will be difficult to make real progress in counteracting this catastrophe quickly enough while keeping food safe. Let's start with non-food products, also to ensure demand for recycled plastics to keep recycling viable.

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Recycled plastics is not yet viable for food, so food brands will continue to flood our waste system with virgin plastics.
Gov and consumers need to engage manufacturers and packers of non-edible/sterile products. Virgin plastic packaging on such products should be outlawed, as there is no reason for it. eg. Magazines, cards, notebooks, razors, toys, hardware, tools, stationery, candles, toilet paper, pocket tissues, electronics & gadgets (chargers, earphones, cables), homeware, guitar strings

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