This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Ditch the disposable! Ban disposable cups by end of 2020

Help us "ditch the disposable"

We use over 7.5 million disposable cups in UK each day and drop 500,000 on the floor!

We recycle less than 0.25% and the plastic in cups takes 40-400 years to biodegrade into microplastics but never decomposes!

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Sign the petition to stop this senseless waste. Stop disposable cups adding to piles of filth and waste in UK and worldwide.

We need the UK government to take action to ban disposable cups now and in any case by the end of 2020.

No Disposable Cup Day 4 October

This petition closed early because of a General Election Find out more on the Petitions Committee website

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