This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Extend the 10-yr storage limit for eggs frozen for non-medical (social) reasons.

The best time for a woman to freeze her eggs is in her 20s but under UK law women who do this for non-medical reasons can only store eggs for 10 yrs. If she doesn't use them in this time frame, she must: destroy her eggs, become a parent before being ready or transfer her eggs to a clinic overseas.

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Egg freezing is growing rapidly: more than tripling in the last 5 years but the 10-year limit pushes women to delay egg freezing until their 30s when egg quality is declining; 60% of women freezing eggs are >35. Fertility charity PET wants the 10-year storage limit extended because it does not have any scientific basis, discriminates against women, limits women’s reproductive choices, harms women’s chances of becoming biological mothers and promotes poor clinical practice.

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