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Rejected petition Read the authors analysis proving 2016's question was MISLEADING & BIASED & act.

Search click rejected petition 276414 for the analysis that explains WHY & HOW IT INVALIDATES THE RESULT. It did not mention leaving the Single Market and Customs Union so is not a mandate to do so. This result was CONTRIVED by withholding facts, misleading statements and encouraged misconceptions.

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Leaving via that result is not UK democracy, as it disregards the views of today's majority and denies 1.7 million~ voters now age 18 their say. Democracy must be dynamic or it ceases to be democracy as facts emerge and change. Leaving would be temporary due to Leave and Remain voter's age profiles, so not worth suffering x years of adversity. Signatories: Sign if you agree with the analysis. If government refuse to act, find more signatories. The more who sign it, the more likely MP's will act.

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