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Rejected petition Remove VAT on veterinary care

As pet owners, we not only have a moral obligation to get the appropriate veterinary care for our pets, we have a legal obligation to do so too. If we do not fulfill that legal obligation we may be prosecuted.

Remove the 20% VAT on veterinary care!

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As we all know, veterinary treatment is very expensive, it costs a lot of money to run a state of the art veterinary surgery providing intensive, lifesaving care to animals. However, on top of the costs of the care that the brilliant vets provide, we are charged VAT at 20%.

Our beautiful little cat Polly was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago. Since then, she has been hospitalised for life saving treatment 3 times due to complications with her condition. The cost of keeping Polly alive and healthy has cost half my salary this year with a fifth of that cost going straight into the coffers of the treasury.

Please sign and help us to get VAT on veterinary care removed.

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