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Rejected petition The slowness in Financial Ombudsman Services shockingly making consumers suffer

I have got two cases against two high street banks.

It has been 9 months and the FSA have not yet resolved it.

Their slow movement in investigating is causing the victims to give up.
They are shockingly understaffed and it's largely unfair on consumers.

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I filed my cases in February and one case was allocated to an office after June and another was allocated in September.

The first person who investigated my case was not up to his job and spent next to no time in my case only to come up with a solution that was very unfair on me. They later acknoleged that but still failed to resolve the cases.

I have had remarks like this from many other people who are just fed up with how long it takes to get justice and how their cases are dealt with.

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The Financial Ombudsman Service is independent of both the Government and Parliament. You can find out how to make a complaint to them here:

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