This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Independent review of oxytocin doses and patient consent in labour induction

Dosage practices with synthetic oxytocin (SO) in labour induction commonly exceed the licensed recommendations for dilution & safe increments (that should blend naturally with maternal oxytocin). As such, they risk foetal distress, postpartum haemorrhage, tetanic contractions, ruptured uterus etc.

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These unlicensed dosage practices and whether women's consent for them was sought should be subject to an urgent review by experts independent of RCOG. They must investigate how SO is being used in and after labour and whether this is in accordance with the licensed instructions. They should make recommendations to re-introduce best practice in terms of previously proven effective administration and formalise the process of explaining risks, to seek valid, informed consent from pregnant women.

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